Bioshell installs new OYSTAR Manesty XL 150 Cota

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Bioshell uses state of the art tabletting equipment to ensure a very high level of dose accuracy and tablet quality. In 2009 we installed a top of the range tablet coating system to expand the range of tablets we can provide.

  • Film coated tablets
  • Controlled release tablets
  • Wide range of tooling available in house
  • Bespoke tooling

We understand the needs of both established brands and start-up projects. We are flexible in terms of trial work and introductory sales volumes. Our wealth of experience allows us to deal with a wide range of tabletting materials.


 State of the art tablet compression

 Kilian Tablet Press S200

picture (Bioshell's Kilian S200 tablet press)

 Oyster Manesty XLcota150, tablet coating


The new coating system like all other production equipment is fully GMP compliant.


picture (Bioshell's OYSTAR Manesty XL Cota 150 tablet coater)